Your Fees


SILVER SNEAKER MEMBERS are welcomed and should bring their member card to swipe at each visit. There are no additional fees for use of the gym and designated Silver Sneaker classes (donations are always accepted). Additional fees are required for other classes and programs offered at Lopez Fit.

SILVER & FIT and RENEW ACTIVE participants are also welcomed. Please inquire at the front desk about registering. We will need your legal name and date-of-birth for registration.

It may interest you to know that these types of memberships are subsidized by the gym. A regular monthly membership fee at Lopez Fit is $45. We are reimbursed by these programs at the following rate:

SIlver Sneakers - $3/visit for a maximum of $24/month.
Silver & Fit - $43/month
RenewActive - $20/month

As a non-profit corporation, we are dedicated to making the gym affordable to all who wish to use it, which is why we have chosen to partner with these programs. The reduction in income does affect our bottom line - so donations are always welcome for those of you who are inclined to do so.

For general use of the gym or to sign into classes Lopez Fit offers a variety of participation options:




TEN VISIT PASS (good for one year): $75.00.

FIVE VISIT PASS (good for one year):$40.00.

DAY PASS or CLASS DROP-IN: $12. Drop-ins Welcome!


All above fees include sales tax.

Gift certificates are available.

We are affordable for everyone on Lopez Island: We can offer monthly memberships on a sliding scale with the help of a grant. Just come on in and talk to our friendly staff.

Individual Class Fees are additional and are listed on "Classes" page.